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The good news is that prices are cheaper for Windows machines. For a budget choice, the Lenovo Yoga is an excellent choice. Remember this is a budget machine. As these prices show, video editing laptops can be expensive. Read More.

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$1350 PC vs $5000 iMac PRO for Video Editing đŸ˜² Premiere & Resolve

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They want me to be on a payment plan.

MacBook vs. Pro vs. Second, Windows computers are easier to troubleshoot. Well, actually Macs are easier to troubleshoot for minor problems. But if you ever run into a serious problem, Macs can often be impossible to fix, whereas a Windows machine will likely just be very difficult.

My saying is: Neither treats you like they should. They both have their place. And since the all of the software I use these days is available and runs fine on either, the differences between them are minor at best. Would have been true for me too a few years ago… macOS has fallen behind recently. New bugs, new security holes. Face it, Cook has his priorities elsewhere. I doubt so. It is not productive, helpful and rationale to fall into catastrophism and generalisations…. In some areas that means: Looking for example at the most famous and richest DJs -who create songs and melodies-, they use Macs.

Beware of those who think in false binaries; it usually indicates dogmatic thinking without experience with whatever they are eschewing. Windows vs Mac? Why must we choose one at the expense or hostility over the other? Each is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. I have used both extensively over the years as a professional photographer.

Not much. Poor 1st gen hardware, but the ideas and software execution are definitely the future for many creatives. I custom build my desktops and order my laptops from Origin PC. If you dont want to build, Origin PC is the way to go. You write your own software? No one transfers ownership of software.

It is just the software. PPro is slow and lags on a Mac, if you use fcpx, editing and rendering wil be way faster than PPro and speed up your work much more than PPro can do at the moment, even on a Mac Pro from PPro users are better of with windows and the ability to upgrade does give them an advantage over the current Macs. My concern and maybe you can help me with this is sharing drives.

Iirc, FAT32 can be written to and read from both. Plugins and exporters have been around for a while now, even free. I run a Hackintosh for my workstation.

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My travel machine is a MacBook Pro. I do hope this new pro machine Apple has hinted at will be worth switching to though. A crucial point missing from this reasoning is the existence and use of eGPUs external graphic card. All Macs and other computers with Thunderbolt 3 and 2 can very easily be connected to an eGPU, hugely boosting performance. Gains can be as high or higher depending on the GPU than what this filmmaker has achieved, for a fraction of the cost. So I am a power user on both platforms.

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Video Editing Hardware Requirements

I see,so is it OK if you can show me the Msi laptop? My next question is a one that I often ask myself when I have people telling me what I have to do: A complete substitute for tech support — There's no problem asking about common errors or problems, workarounds for glitches, annoying limitations, but at some point, especially with some of the less commonly used tools, like PowerDirector and Filmora, you may wish to contact the developer's tech support services as well as posting here. Building's not hard and is rewarding. James Fogg.

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Mac spying: Linux for video editing which is what the article is about: Adam Santino. David Newman. What are you getting instead of a Mac laptop? Tommy Botello. For how long and how intensively have you been using the Dell XPS 15? Tom Connor. It was given to me as a gift, but thanks for the condescending comment. Stop complaining. Tim Evans. Don Barnard. Jared F. Dus Ro. James Fogg.

Linux, always.

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