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Mac Partition Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Partition on Mac

This command deletes the Recovery partition and replaces it with blank space.

Boot into Internet Recovery

Make sure that your Recovery HD partition is listed as disk0s3. If it is not, change the command to match your disk. There are now two partitions on the disk: our normal system disk and a new blank partition.

For the next step, we need to combine the two, leaving our drive as a single partition. That is a simple command:. This command merges the two preserving all of the data on your system disk.

Cloning Apple's Recovery HD partition

Even doing everything right when messing with partition tables, something can go awry. Be sure that you are not working without a backup. You can now list your partitions again and see that your disk is one partition for your system disk and an EFI boot partition. Now that you have your disk how you want it, the challenge becomes keeping it that way. One of the easiest ways to have the Recovery partition restore itself is to update macOS. Unfortunately, that means that it might come back even when you do not want it. If you removed it altogether, this can be problematic.

If you switched to Linux and are using just the hardware Buying MacBooks For Penguins: Linux on Apple Hardware Buying MacBooks For Penguins: Linux on Apple Hardware You'd probably think that the free open source operating system Linux wouldn't mix too well with Apple's proprietary, controlling approach when it comes to hardware — but you'd be wrong. Read More , this became a lot easier.

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You can just delete or ignore macOS and go about your business. Read More , messing around with the deeper levels of macOS is difficult. Removing the Recovery partition is not any different.

How to reinstall MacOS without a Recovery partition -

Make a backup and be careful before trying anything in this article, we would not want you to lose data. Your email address will not be published. I recently did this on an external USB that I use as a startup disk for El Capitan to run a couple older programs that don't work in Mojave. I was booted into Mojave when I tried this first.

It did not work. I booted into El Cap and it worked great. Add that to the list of reasons to keep a startup disk of an older system. The merge command required a name for the new partition. The reason I wanted to delete the recovery partition is that I have a recovery on the internal drive. This eliminates one option so I won't pick the wrong one. I guess an easy fix would be to name the drive, "Pick this 1, dummy!

Pick the correct recovery partition to use

Following the instructions carefully no CoreStorage on my system and this did not work. Please fix this: merge command lacks partition name before disk0s2 and disk0s3 parameters. I entered a comment, put in my name and email, clicked "Post Comment" and my comment disappeared but my name and email remain. Did my comment get sent?

I can't tell. So I'm sending this to see if I missed something.

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Seems logical to me, what do you think? The only fly in the ointment I see is that, when I reinstall Sierra, will it create a new CoreStorage partition? Thus leaving me with my original GB drive. We can only hope. Top Deals.

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. In both the above cases, recovering files from the lost partition is mandatory.

What is Mac Recovery Mode?

Let us take into consideration using Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac ; o ne of the most renowned software to restore permanently deleted files. Further, the software also supports the recovery of files from lost or deleted partitions. Once you are through with the recovery of files using Mac Data Recovery Software , simply backup the data from other partition s and reformat the entire apple hard drive to reclaim the storage space that turned unallocated or waste due to an unplanned partition deletion.

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Apart from these, you can bank upon this software for several other data loss scenarios caused due to logical disk errors. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. Prior to reading this blog, I was totally unaware of inbuilt Mac Recovery Partition.

Also, appreciate the way how the way to access is described in simple words. Thanks for reading our blog. Nice Information! I close the Mac OS Installer again, which updated to the latest version of software plus and rebuilt the recovery drive. Now Working fine, No problem occur since. Your email address will not be published.

Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar.

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MENU Close. Thinking, what is Partition Recovery?

Installing a fresh copy of macOS via Recovery Mode

Ask a local user group for help. Make a backup and be careful before trying anything in this article, we would not want you to lose data. You will then be given a network list to choose your internet connection for the download. Apple recovery mode is available in an emergency when your macOS is running into serious difficulties. Disk recovery blog.

How does Mac Partition Recovery work? The functionality of this software is very simple. Allen Brunelle November 14, Thanks for writing this blog Prior to reading this blog, I was totally unaware of inbuilt Mac Recovery Partition. Vishal November 15, Hello Allen, Thanks for reading our blog. George October 26, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

HOW TO: Delete a partition on Mac

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