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Thread starter Orlandoech Start date Jan 22, Sort Posts by Likes. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Orlandoech macrumors Original poster. I am in the non-profit lol business to help as many MR members and visitors as possible. Feel free to PM me directly or make a post to add contributions, update existing information, or remove any inaccuracies to this thread and I will update the thread to reflect the changes. Purpose of a Fusion Drive?

How to create a Fusion Drive in OS X:

What does a Fusion Drive actually do? How does a Fusion Drive move data?

How to Partition A Fusion Drive

Can I build my own Fusion Drive? In a typical hybrid drive like the Seagate Momentus XT , fast flash memory speeds up performance while a standard rpm platter-based drive holds the data. A hybrid drive looks and acts like a regular single hard drive. The user, and the applications on the Mac, see the Fusion Drive as a single drive.

Many people who want both speed and capacity already use a combination of solid-state drives and hard-disk drives; but usually these drives are two separate volumes, and trying to figure out where you should put your files and apps can be complicated to some.

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See Controlled Fusion: Partitioning for Targeted Performance. Shown below are two partitions of the Fusion drive in Disk Utility. To partition a. See also the DiskTester fill-volume results for the “fused” Fusion volume. Breaking the Fusion volume using the low-level command line.

Fusion Drive technology takes care of the housekeeping for you, letting you spend more time working and less time organizing. The software that controls the Fusion Drive looks for data that you frequently use. If you access certain documents a couple of times, the software could identify those files as something to keep on the SSD.

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The Fusion Drive knows the difference between user access and system access to files; and when it decides on what to move to the SSD, the Fusion Drive watches for files that the user is accessing. For example, the Fusion Drive will not move files that Time Machine has touched.

Fusion What Now?

Now that we have a core storage logical volume group made up of two drives, we can create the actual Fusion volume for your Mac. But do tell me more about what a terrible company Apple is for making use of perfectly serviceable technology and marketing it in a way that makes their potential customers actually want to buy it. If you don't want to save your existing installation, just use the OS X This is on a 27" iMac. Follow the prompts for installation, choosing your new Fusion drive as the destination. The movement of this data between drives is not a one-way operation, and the OS will continue to learn based on your habits, and move things around to match your usage. The machine has been up a few hours, and I have had no problems.

A Fusion Drive moves data in blocks, not file by file. If you fill up the SSD, the process of copying very large files will at some point slow down sharply, matching the relatively poky speed of a standard spinning-platter hard drive. For what most of us do most of the time, however, a Fusion Drive works great.

It performs like a regular SSD—in other words, fast. A high-end, 2. The standard drive took nearly twice as long to import pictures into iPhoto, while the Fusion Drive was 30 percent faster than the standard drive in our Photoshop and Aperture tests. When we opened the Mac mini with Fusion Drive, we tried to tinker with all sorts of things. Getting to the RAM is very easy: You simply turn the round rubber base on the bottom a half inch clockwise to take it off and expose the two RAM slots.

The situation gets trickier the deeper you go inside the Mac mini, however, and getting to the second drive requires pulling just about everything out of the system. When we had the drives in hand, we found that we could connect one externally to another Mac running OS X Disk Utility saw the drive but spelled its name out in ominous red letters, asking if we wanted to repair the drive. We clicked No. We then connected the second drive externally—and lo and behold, the Fusion Drive mounted, and we could copy files back and forth.

We were also able to create our own Fusion Drive using the CoreStorage tools found in the command-line verion of Disk Utility.

iMac 5K 2017 - 2TB Fusion Drive speed test

Since moving into the 4k realm it still does well but I believe it could be better. When I shoot in 10bit 4K or color grade Cine-D the system performance is starting to really struggle. If you are creating video content I really believe the best way to achieve the optimum results is to customize the latest iMac modes rather than buying an off the shelf one. For this reason, I am choosing to go for the GB. One of the cool things about the recent iMac range is they all come with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

So what does this mean? A scrub drive means you import and work from that external drive instead of the internal drive. At idle time, the Apple Fusion technology actively moves frequently accessed files to the SSD, and migrates infrequently accessed files back to the hard drive. Reader Cedar says that he's "crossing his fingers I can't really say that I notice subjectively better performance, but it isn't worse either.

Maybe it will take a while to figure out which files should be on the SSD. I'm backing up frequently, Time Machine and CrashPlan but crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong. Still, a homemade Fusion Drive really isn't for those who put a significant value on their data and potentially their time, if and when the setup comes apart.

Upgrading a 2012 Mac mini — From RAID to Fusion

Maybe during an upcoming holiday weekend. In the meantime, I'm testing out a cloud backup solution. Maybe that will give me more confidence in fooling around with this hack. Admins wanted for Mac Outlook setup survey. Pairing an iOS device to a hearing aid. Parsing the Mac implications in Apple's Q3 earnings call. Tim Cook thinks Apple customers are rich and very sensitive. The reason why is quite something.

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